1@ poema: Mother Earth

Brother Sun and Sister Moon

hear our Sangha Voice

to share our daily Joy

let´s walk together at noon

in the path of the practice soon

Brother mouse and Sister cow

become one in breath somehow

to strengthen our commitment now

Brother ocean and Sister sea

drink a delicious jazmin tea

to become a transparent drop of peace

Brother wind and Sister rainbow

show us your energy flow

to send our sad memories away

to make us happy one more day

Brother plant and Sister seed

Hold us with your green hands

to live in this moment free

as the yellow flying bee

Brother river and Sister flower

build us a solid Tower

to dwell in the healing sound

of the mindful bell

Brother bird and Sister whale

let us protect your fragile space

to share with you again

such a beautiful tale

Brother cloud and Sister lotus

Everyday we sit and meditate

Bring our attention to such a state

Give us a deep inspiration

to touch a real transformation

Brother tree and Sister mountain

Embrace us with your strong branches

to keep the water fountain

as fresh and clear

to calm the world´s tears

Brother blue sky and sister twinkle Star

teach us the right way

to live our precious Life

as a wonderful butterfly

enjoying every step

even if we don´t get so far away

2@poema: practising with Nature

Touching the mother earth

neither you or me will be the first

We´re the daughter

We´re the sun

We´re all one

Touching the mother earth

You´ll feel safe

You´ll be yourself

to practice in such a wonderful way

You don´t need anything to say

Walk with the Buddha to morrow

to release your deep sorrows

Breathing in

you practice » be in»

Open your eyes

look at the blue sky

see that you never will die

Embrace your tears

get in touch with your fears

let the fresh rain

to water your beautiful grains

to become a wonderful flower again

If the mind is not clear

don´t suffer my dear

If you smile

the sun of wisdom will soon shine

breath the air

you´ll not have any nightmares

If you are sure

your mind is still pure

We all interact

that´s the only fact

There´s no name

we all are the same

We´re the cow

just living in the now

we´re the tree

there´s no notion

there´s no emotion

Then you´ll be free

Touching nirvana

making some assanas

releasing your tensions

you´ll touch the ultimate dimension

at the end of the retreat

You will perflectly know-how to eat!

Practicando en la cocina

Dishes, cups and pots

Sometimes it seems a lot!

There is not an end

But let practice impermanence!

Let the Buddha wash them

We do not have to wash them

Fill the basins with clear water

empty your mind of dark thoughts

that is the right way of washing the pots

Breathe and smile

Le it all sorrows go far for a while

Dry the dishes and the spoons

See how easy is to arrive soon

Practising together like a happy cow

living aware in the here and now!

Sometimes the dharma rain

get us feel a little bit wet

That is the reason we have not met

the enlightment yet!

Don´t care,

as we always share

the best way to practice

From breakfast to lunch

to make it all fun!

Water your washing pot seeds

Suddenly you will clearly see

how easy it is to become free

Step by step, hand by hand

We are all one

Bottles, bowls and trays

there is no way to an end

End is the way